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Top 85 List of Wallpaper Sources 2016

Check out How to Measure for Wallpaper? Enjoy!

Below are designers and shops (Stockist) listed in no particular order:

  1.    Wallpaper & Designer Home...: Our local store...and they can order  just about any available wallpaper out there.
  2. Brewster Wallcovering : I love their latest collection. The Reclaimed Wallcovering
  3. Chasing Papers :has some of the nicest and well priced wallpapers I’ve found around.
  4. Urban Wallpaper: they carry a French wallpaper called Elitis. Very unique and couture! Also have a real wood wallpaper that’s hangs just like wallpaper. Can wrap it around corners too.
  5. York Wallcovering: they have a line called Sure Strip which is completely removable!
  6. Calico Wallpaper: Calico Wallpaper has become a more recent favorite
  7. Thibaut : our personal favorite
  8. Phillip Jeffries:  it’s a go to for natural, textured wallcovering
  9. Flavor Paper: psychedelic wallpapers that feel like they come from both the 1970’s and the future at the same time. I love the Andy Warhol Collection!
  10. Anthropologie: anthro stocks a great collection of designs that are often affordable, removable and perfectly on-trend
  11. Ebay: ebay’s vintage wallpaper collection is amazing. if you keep an eye on things regularly you’re bound to catch a great steal. i’ve seen people pick up amazing european papers for under $10 a roll
  12. Aimee wilder: Aimee has a fun collection of patterns that range from pigeons and flowers to cassette tapes and robots
  13. Osborne & Little: sophisticated high-end papers that are perfect for making a dramatic statement
  14. Walnut Wallpaper: a great one-stop shop for modern patterns from all the top designers.
  15. Abigail Edwards: my favorite paper (seascape) is made by this amazing british designer.
  16. Hygge & West: fun wallpapers from a string of great contemporary artists like Julia Rothman. Recently I have hung this pattern for Elsie.
  17. Grow House Grow: creative papers from designer katie deedy in brooklyn. i love her series inspired by female scientists.
  18. Graham & Brown: a huge collection of prints and solids in a wide range of styles. their new series with amy butler is fantastic!
  19. Cole & Son: these guys can do no wrong in my book. their papers can sometimes be hard to find so be sure to email them for a suppliers near you. they’re the ones who make that forest wallpaper that has been everywhere for years.
  20. Farrow & Ball: sophisticated papers in subtle colors. great if you’re going for something more traditional.
  21. Cavern Home: a Los Angeles based - wallpaper firm,they make hand silk-screened and eco-friendly designer wallpaper. They have a diverse sources of inspiration ranging from the natural world to the urban landscape.
  22. Jocelyn Warner: wonderfully feminine designs often inspired by nature
  23. MakeLike: their cactus wallpaper has been stuck on my inspiration board for months
  24. Ferm Living: a Danish design company specializing in bold, nature-inspired designs. they have some beautiful geometric prints that are great for modern homes
  25. Nama Rococo: Karen Combs’ hand-painted papers are my favorite in the industry, hands down. her wallpapers are truly unique in a sea of digitally printed designs.
  26. Secondhand Rose: ok, this isn’t online, but if you’re in nyc and need vintage wallpaper, run- don’t walk- to secondhand rose. their selection of vintage patterns is AMAZING
  27. Fine Little Day: i love designer elisabeth dunker’s designs she co-created with her 8 year old son, otto.
  28. Miss Print: colorful, retro-inspired patterns from england
  29. Lizzie Allen: hand screen printed wallpaper in playful patterns like walking buckingham palace guards
  30. Catherine Hammerton: catherine’s textured wallpapers have to be seen to be truly appreciated. they’re unbelievably unique and have so much character.
  31. Clarissa Hulse: beautiful floral prints
  32. Mini Moderns: great modern wallpaper for children with a retro spin
  33. Eskayel: amazing digital patterns from brooklyn
  34. Adelphi Paper Hangings: if you need historic papers, adelphi has you covered. custom wallcovering
  35. Tres Tintas: beautiful boutique wallpaper from spain. I love the latest collection!
  36. Lisa Bengtsson: Lisa’s frame wallpaper was a smash hit and allows you to customize your walls
  37. Studio Printworks: contemporary patterns that range from classic to kooky
  38. Erica Wakerly: i love Erica’s bold graphic patterns. the metallic finishes give them extra sparkle
  39. Trustworth: stunning historic patterns from the CFA voysey archives
  40. Jill Malek: Jill’s nature-inspired wallpaper designs come in vivid gold and pink hues
  41. Madison & Grow: i love their pasadena collection
  42. Deborah Bowness: deborah’s wallpapers are wonderfully witty. several of them replicate the look of hanging clothes and furniture
  43. Rollout: custom and guest-designed wallpaper from canada with a fresh, young feel
  44. Paper Mills: i love the way paper mills block-prints their designs. the new animal prints they designed are definitely a fun break from the norm
  45. Porter Teleo: hand printed wallpaper designs that work well in modern or traditional homes
  46. Hanna Werning: Hanna Werning has great wallpaper posters that work well in small spaces (ie: bathrooms) and bring a bold pop of color to the room
  47. Twenty2: brooklyn-based designers with a great collection of prints and grass-cloth papers
  48. Timorous Beasties: amazing patterns from scotland. like cole & son, i think it’s hard to go wrong with these guys. their thistle pattern is my favorite
  49. Jenny Wilkinson: her paint-by-number wallpaper is great for adults and kids alike
  50. Laura Felicity: i love the soft, hand-drawn feel to laura’s work
  51. Kremelife: groovy patterns in bright sunny colors
  52. Rapture and Wright: custom and hand printed wallpaper and fabric
  53. Zoffany: My favorite pattern is the Jasmine Lattice. While looking at it I can almost smell the Jasmine scent. Love it!
  54. Designer Guild: April showers bring May flowers... lots of flowers!
  55. de Gourney: beautiful designs and prints
  56. Sanderson Wallcovering: my fav from their collection
  57. Voutsa:  I love the Irises
  58. Schumacher : is a premier source of luxury wallpaper and historic reproduction. They have been around for a long time... Love the Manor Rose
  59. Flat Vernacular: unique prints and  like the eyelet spy
  60. Juju Wallcovering: beautifully crafted wallpaper. In particular I installed this for Elsie's foyer.
  61. Kerrie Brown: my favorite this , a profusion of blooms, love the graphics
  62. Seabrook Wallcovering
  63. Harlequin 
  64. Morris and Company
  65. Wallpaper Collective
  66. Amy Butler
  67. Serena and Lily
  68. Spoonflower
  69. Caitlin Wilson
  70. Style Library Contract
  71. Scion
  72. Anthology
  73. Architects PaperGerman wallpaper firm, AP can cover your walls with micro-thin layers of concrete, marble, or slate on rolled paper.
  74. Blik: Blik lets consumers rearrange designs on a whim
  75. Inhabitat: A luminous textile produced and contains acoustic panels to dampen noise, as well as super-adjustable LEDs.
  76. Ingo Maurer: maker of non- woven LED wallpaper
  77. Lincrusta: maker of paintable wallcovering
  78. Wallquest: made in the USA wallpaper, one of the great sources for eco- friendly wallpaper
  79. Arthouse: they have great collection as well
  80. Fromental: beautiful handmade wallpaper
  81. Sandberg Wallpaper: A Swedish wallpaper design. I love their Personality test
  82. Gracie Wallcovering: hand painted wallpaper
  83. Griffin and Wong: beautiful collections of chinoiserie papers
  84. Rifle Co Wallpaper: screen printed wallpaper
  85. Galbaith and Paul: their wallpapers mirror the subtle surfaces and textures of our fabrics and elegantly translate the artisanal hand of the block print to the wall.  They are made to order in a wide palette of fresh yet sophisticated colors.

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