Friday, May 6, 2016

DIY: How to measure for wallpaper?

In this example we use paper with a 15-inch repeat pattern. The covering is to be hung in a 12-foot by 15-foot room with an 8-foot ceiling, one standard door, and two standard windows.
  1. Add the length and width of the room together and double it.  (12 + 15 = 27 x 2 = 54)
  2. Multiply the answer from step 1 by the ceiling height.  (54 x 8 = 432 sq. ft.)
  3. Determine the square feet of windows and doors in the surface to be covered - 20 sq. ft. for each standard size window or door.  ( 20 x 3 = 60)
  4. Subtract the total from step 3 from the total square feet you found in step 2.  ( 432 - 60 = 372 sq. ft.)
  5. Divide the total from step 4 by the usable yield figure listed below for the roll's repeat pattern, which allows for the pattern match.  (372 / 20 = 18.6 = or 20) 
  6. You would need to buy 20 single rolls.
    Note: Wallpaper is priced in single rolls, but is available only in double or triple rolls. In the above example, should the paper selected come in double rolls, you would need 10 rolls. If it's available only in triple rolls, you would need 7 rolls.

Approximate Square Footage Pattern Repeat Usable Yield

  • 0-6 inches - 25 sq. ft.
  • 7-12 inches - 22 sq. ft.
  • 13-18 inches - 20 sq. ft.
  • 19-23 inches - 18 sq. ft.

Also, consider the following to avoid running out

When you buy wallpaper, look for run numbers, lot numbers, or run codes on the label or wallcovering. These numbers should be the same on each roll. Wallcoverings are printed in large batches, and the colors can vary slightly - but noticeably - between the batches.
To avoid the risk of running out (and to make sure you have extras in case you need to patch an area) you may wish to buy an extra roll.
Pattern: FD 21804          Batch or Run Number:  1
To be sure you have enough wallpaper to cover the room, please call us for further assistance.
 e:              c: 615-970-9006                b:

2 bolts/4 single rolls / (2) of 1 x 8 yards

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