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Wallpaper Installation 
Est. 1988
For more than 25 years, TnWallpaperhanger has been hanging wallpaper for residential and commercial clients.   We have relocated  here in Nashville from Southern California...We proudly serve Greater Nashville area and neighboring counties.  ~ TnWallpaperHanger by Dave and Meryl

Professionally installed wall coverings not only add scale and impact to a room, but will retain their beauty for many years. TnWallpaperHanger has the skills and experience to hang the many choices of wallpapers that are available, from vinyls and fabrics to high end hand printed silks and everything in between. We begin each job with proper wall preparation to ensure a worry free application. We offer a complete line of services including assistance with wallpaper selection, purchasing, delivery and skilled installation.

Digital and Hand Painted Mural Installation While very different in construction and installation, both digital and hand printed murals offer consumers the option of adding customized artwork to a space. Both require the skills of a seasoned professional to be installed correctly. Digital murals can be an economical alternative and have the added benefit of being able to be removed and reinstalled. TnWallpaperHanger has installed digital murals in numerous businesses and residences, such as Panda Express, Starbucks, Subway,  Carmax, Hotel Indigo, Embassy suites to name a few.

Wallpaper Removal While today's wall coverings are generally easy to remove, older papers and those not installed properly, can be difficult and messy to take down. Hiring a professional can save time, money and many headaches.

Painting In addition to the above, TnWallpaperHanger offers residential interior painting services, so there is no need to hire multiple trades for your project.
For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation, please feel free to call us at (615) 970-9006 or email us at
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