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Specialized Wallcoverings

1. Whiteboard wallcovering: Allows the use of special dry erase markers for presentations or notes. Though predominately used in commercial settings, this type of wallcovering would also be excellently suited for a child's room.
 2. Magnetic wallcovering: Allows the use of magnetic appliqués for presentations. Though predominately used in commercial settings, this type of wallcovering would also be excellently suited for a child's room.
 3. Electromagnetic shielding wallcovering: Used in commercial applications to reduce the amount of electromagnetic interference associated with many industrial applications such as computer rooms.
 4. Scented wallpaper: A wallpaper comprised of fibers that naturally give off a soothing fragrance such as lavender or jasmine.
 5. Deodorizing wallpaper: Wallpaper infused with charcoal particles which act as a natural deodorizer.
 6. Acoustic wallcovering: Though traditionally associated with commercial applications, these are more commonly utilized in homes with expensive surround sound systems or home theaters. These wallcoverings are specifically engineered to absorb sound energy.
 7. Glow in the dark wallcovering: Create a funky black light environment with fluorescent wallpaper.
 8. Cork wallcovering: Useful as either a bulletin board, a natural sound deadening material, a natural wallcovering, a textured wallcovering, or a combination of its many functions.
 9. Metallic or organic wallcovering: Imagine the impact of real copper or mica flakes as a wallcovering.
 10. Leather wallcovering: Consider the unparalleled warmness that only be obtained with a leather wallcovering.


Kitchens: People are sometimes turned off by using wallpaper in their kitchens, but it can be a great way to add some personality to your home and color to an otherwise neutral kitchen space. You spend so much time there you should have fun - anything that keeps you cooking longer is a good thing!
  • Use a pattern that has a tight pattern so you won't notice spills/messes
  • Pick neutral patterns, like geometrics, as they will have more longevity
  • Use wallpaper on an accent wall to add texture and depth to the kitchen
  • Put wallpaper above cupboards, ceilings, behind shelving, or inside display cabinets
  • Or create a fabulous backsplash - just cover in clear glass panels
Bathrooms: Bathrooms are a great way to introduce wallpaper into your space. It's a small room and a good starting point if you're worried about committing to a larger area.
  • Buy vinyl/washable for wet spaces
  • Can put a coat or two of clear acrylic varnish on top
  • Put wallpaper above tiling or wainscoting
  • Go bold/fun and funky in a powder room, but more neutral in a large bathroom
Master Bedroom: Since it's a space that mostly only you'll see, pick something you really love and don't worry as much about it having to 'match' the design and feel of the rest of the house.
  • This is a great place to invest in more premium type papers
  • Choose patterns that are restful and calming
  • Look for hand blocked or bespoke designs.
  • Metallics and luxury prints are great in the master
  • Grass cloth adds a sense of luxury to the space
Guest Bedrooms: You can have more fun here with pattern since they won't be used all the time.
  • Strong patterns like florals or darker colors to add a sense of coziness to the room
Communal Spaces
Living Room: This room is often visible to the rest of the house, so choose something that works with everything else.
  • Look for something elegant and timeless for the living room
  • Wallpaper a feature wall if you're afraid to commit to the whole room
  • Choose something that won't compete with the furnishings
  • Frame panels with wallpaper to make them look like artwork
Foyer: This are a gives the first impression of your house, so pick something that speaks to the design of the rest of the house.
  • Black and white patterns won't limit your palette in the rest of the home
  • Choose something dramatic and with a real presence
Dining Room: This is a great space to do something more adventurous or dramatic since you're not in the room every day.
  • Choose something bold and darker in palette
  • Grass cloth is a great option to add texture
  • Can put wallpaper above wainscoting or on all the walls
  • Hand-painted chinoiserie patterns work great in a dining room
  • Can frame out expensive wallpaper as a way to get impact but stay budget

Have fun choosing the full spectrum of wallcovering available in market today.
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