Saturday, March 12, 2016

Decorating with Wallpaper: Spring Has Sprung!!!

Happy Spring! Today is the official "first day of Spring" and it sure felt like it with the warm weather we had. You can see by the way we walk with a lift in our gait and a smile on our faces, the birds are tweeting and the flowers are emerging. It's perfect time to decorate! Out with the old look, welcome vibrant colors
Wallpaper or the technologically accurate wall coverings have adorned the walls of the most beautiful and chic rooms around the world! Selecting an appropriate wall covering involves a notion of color, scale, pattern, texture and the type of room and source of light.
Wallpaper has been in and out of fashion, as finicky as hemlines, every decade. Today, wall coverings are undoubtedly influenced by fashion and art. Available in a myriad of materials ranging from handmade art paper, sand, cork, mica chip, threads and even shells, today's wall coverings do not disappoint.
Can't find the perfect wall covering? Why not design your own? Companies such as Spoonflower, Design Your Own Walls and Printed Wallpaper Company can help you create your perfect design. Inspirations can come from a beautiful photograph, or scenery from a vacation, to an exact match of your bed linens or drapery. Your creativity is your only limit.
Almost any surface can be wallpapered, walls, ceilings, staircase risers, closets. 

Why hire us for your wall covering project?
Our work is our reputation.  We strive for excellence and with a customer base in the hundreds, our work ethic and experience speak for themselves. I can take over your job and guarantee your satisfaction, price budget and workmanship. For more than 28 years, we have been hanging wallpaper for residential and commercial clients. For which the majority of that time was in San Diego,  we proudly serve Greater Nashville area and neighboring counties. We have the skills and experience to hang the many choices of wallpapers that are available, from vinyls and fabrics to high and everything in between... Please check us out at our Home page to know more about us.

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